Ag in the Classroom

From the AITC Director, Sarah Kaper

I grew up in rural Indiana where corn bordered three sides of our small farm and there was always the smell of hogs coming from an operation a half mile down our gravel road. Agriculture has never been far from my backyard. My career as a certified teacher began over 25 years ago, and has covered both public-school classrooms as well as nontraditional settings. Educators are people who teach what they believe in, so when I considered partnering with the Champaign County Farm Bureau Foundation to bring the message of ag to the classrooms in Champaign County and to provide FREE resources to help accomplish that goal, I was ready to play a part. Helping students and teachers make connections to the food they eat, to the land that provides it, and with the people in agriculture who get it to their tables is what brings agriculture closer to a generation of kids who will never know about corn in their backyard or livestock operations down the road. That is why I want to share resources, communicate grant opportunities, and provide monthly lesson choices that teachers can use in their classrooms.

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Our NEW resource catalog provides teachers with the most up-to-date lessons, resources, and “hot” links to classroom ready activities. All lessons are tied to Illinois Learning Standards.

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For Educators: Ag in Your Classroom

Classroom teachers, we have so much to offer!

For Volunteers: Be an Ag Champion

Students in Champaign County classrooms learn how farming and food production connects to their own lives each school year during our programs. For more than 25 years, Ag in the Classroom has successfully educated students and teachers, but our successes would be impossible without the dedication of our volunteers! We are always looking for additional volunteers that would be willing to share their time, passion and agricultural expertise with the Champaign County students in their community! Presenters might be active or retired farmers, agribusiness professionals, retired educators or students willing to help on an as needed or volunteer basis.