Grounded In Agriculture

A campaign to Support Ag in the Classroom

Ag in the Classroom Director Sarah Kaper teaches a hands-on lesson to Mahomet-Seymour’s Middletown Prairie Elementary School students.

We believe all students should be Grounded in Agriculture. Champaign County Agriculture in the Classroom provides educational resources to students, teachers, and classrooms that teach agriculture in a realistic and modern way. Offered to Champaign County school districts at no cost, Ag in the Classroom lessons truthfully teach students about agriculture; in a manner that you’d be proud of!

Ag in the Classroom Director Sarah Kaper, a licensed teacher, visits nearly 2,000 Champaign County students each month. These programs impact up to 20,000 students and hundreds of teachers throughout the school year, not including the continued conversations students share with their families at home.

Learn More about Where We’ve Been and the Lessons Provided by Champaign County AITC:

As Farm Bureau members, we know how important the Ag in the Classroom program is to our ag community and local schools. As teachers experience Ag in the Classroom’s impact in their classrooms, demand for resources increases dramatically. Together, through the Grounded in Ag campaign, we’re working on expanding the resources and outreach of Ag in the Classroom while continuing to offer it to local teachers free of charge.

We support the Grounded in Agriculture campaign to grow Champaign County Ag in the Classroom. Will you join us? Will you help us make sure all Champaign County students are Grounded in Agriculture? 

Donate online or join us for Flight Night for Agriculture on Wednesday, November 16th at Rigg’s Beer Company.