I am a former classroom teacher who is now taking my classroom “to the fields”. That means I bring the best ag lessons to YOU! Best of all, they are FREE. I invite you to explore ways that agriculture can find a place in your classroom whether it is in ELA, math, science or social studies.

If you are an educator, request to follow my closed Facebook group Mrs. Kaper’s Classroom. There you will find my lesson choices for the month.
Contact me for more information on:

  • Scheduling me for a 30-minute lesson in your classroom
  • Receiving resources for lessons
  • Connecting to the ag industry
  • Grant opportunities

There are several ways that you can schedule a classroom visit:

  1. Call my office or email me your name and school, 2 or 3 options for date and time of visit, and lesson choice.
  2. If you are scheduling a large group presentation or a presentation with lessons in several classrooms in the building, email me so that I can block out a day to be at your school.