Gala Donations Plant Seeds for Our Future

 You’re going to buy it anyway; why not write your check to the CCFB Foundation

Any business owner will tell you that preparation is the key to success. Nobody understands this better than a farmer; and we know that even while celebrating at the Foundation’s Harvest Gala on November 10th, area farmers will also be planning for their 2018 crop. We don’t mind. In fact, the Foundation is ready to help!

The 10th Annual Harvest Gala will feature a live auction item sure to draw the attention of every farmer in attendance: Seed Corn. Yes, Seed Corn!

Thanks to our agricultural partners, the Foundation is excited to offer the highest quality seed from your favorite seed dealers. We know you’re loyal to your favorite brand; that’s why we’ve partnered to offer AgriGold Seed donated by Joe Cannon, DeKalb Seed donated by Pat Conlin, Pioneer Seed donated by Murray Seed, and FS Invision Seed donated by Illini FS.Dedicated to the Foundation’s mission; each of these companies will offer your choice of 12 bags of seed. You know that you’re going to buy it anyway; why not write your check to the CCFB Foundation!

Oh, and did we mention that every donation to the CCFB Foundation is tax deductible? That means while planning for a bumper crop, you’ll also be impacting our agricultural community! With plans like that, everyone wins!

Visit our website, or like our Facebook page for more information regarding our 10th Annual Harvest Gala. We hope that you’ll plan to join us on Friday, November 10th at Pear Tree Estate!

For more information contact the CCFB Foundation office at 217-352-5235.